Rich Hippie perfume is made using the traditional methods employed by perfumers before World War II and the advent of the chemical industry.

Prior to World War II, all fine perfume was 100% natural and chemical free. Perfume was made by combining extracts from flowers and plants that were almost always farmed organically or wildcrafted with 100% natural "spirits of wine" or wine alcohol distilled from grapes grown in the great wine regions of France. However, after the war, the chemical industry, which had experienced rapid growth in response to the war effort, needed new market to keep factories running and began manufacturing "fragrance" or synthetic perfume.

At first this may have looked like a great idea. The price of synthetic flower and plant extracts used to make perfume was dirt cheap by comparison. Furthermore, there was less hassle - no farming, no harvesting, no variation of flower scent from batch to batch and therefore no variation of a particular perfume from batch to batch. What's more, the imitation flower and plant essences used to make synthetic perfume were mixed with cheap alcohol made from petroleum instead of wine alcohol.

We now know that this process and product are hazardous to your health and harmful for the environment. Not only is petroleum a nonrenewable resource, but it is refined using harmful chemicals and additives that cause cancer. These synthetic chemicals can also contain "hormone disrupters" which means that in addition to causing cell damage, they can also mimic hormones in the body that promote tumor growth.

Rich Hippie perfume is made using traditional methods. Our "spirits of wine" or wine alcohol is all natural and better yet, it is made from organically grown grapes harvested from the great wine regions of California. All of the plant and flower extracts we use are organic or wildcrafted and carefully selected with the utmost attention to quality.

Rich Hippie perfume is made in very small batches with tremendous care, to bring you a product that is both safe for your health and safe for the environment.

Organic Farming

Organic farming is a labor intensive system of farming that does not use synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides, growth hormones or livestock food additives. The majority of these chemicals can cause cancer and damage to the environment by seeping into the ground, contaminating our water supply, our fish, our food, and drifting in the air polluting the air that we breathe.

Please join us and support organic farming. Help us protect and preserve the environment for the benefit of future generations to come.

About The Founder

For Immediate Press Release:


Exquisite, chic, hip and luxurious€š¬¦Words can't possible describe the beautiful new line of organic perfume from Rich Hippie, a California-based perfume house.

The company has brought back traditional perfumery techniques employed by the great French perfumers at the turn of the last century to create a line of perfume that is truly beautiful and unique. In the words of Rich Hippie Creator and Perfumer Nannette Pallrand: "There is nothing more beautiful than an all-natural perfume where you can actually smell the real flowers as opposed to a man-made chemical perfume that uses synthetic versions of flowers concocted in a laboratory. Studies have even shown that a real and all-natural perfume actually creates a chemical reaction in the body that uplifts the senses whereas a man-made, synthetic perfume brings the senses down."

Rich Hippie is truly special. The company uses extracts from organically-farmed plants and flowers from all corners of the world including Davana from India, Rose from Bulgaria and Turkey, Vanilla from Madagascar, Citrus from Brazil, spices from east African and Orris from Albania. Moreover, Rich Hippie uses organic alcohol made from organic grapes grown in the great wine regions of California. According to Perfumer Nannette Pallrand: "Many people don't realize that a perfume is basically two parts: flower and plant extracts which comprise the scent and then alcohol. All of the great French perfumes that were made at the turn of the last century were in fact organic and used organic plants and flowers plus organic alcohol made from grapes. At that time synthetic pesticides and fertilizers didn't exist and so everything that was farmed was organic. Today, to create a truly great perfume that is as beautiful, pure and clean as those perfumes one has to go the extra step of the way and actually produce the alcohol and procure the organic grapes.

Otherwise the synthetic chemicals, be they synthetic pesticide residues or cancer causing petroleum by-products, actually deteriorate the scent and cause harm to your health."

Today most perfume available in department stores is made with man-made flower essences or chemicals made in a lab to resemble flowers plus alcohol derives from petroleum (instead of grapes), a nonrenewable resource. Alcohol made from petroleum typically contains residues of harmful, carcinogenic chemicals that are used in the refining process.

Rich Hippie perfume is made in very small batches with the utmost attention given to quality and detail. Perfumer Nannette Pallrand's passion for beauty and purity is truly evident in the fifteen perfumes: Bliss, Maharishi, Devotion, Rock Star, Rich Hippie, Bohemian Wedding, Spring, The Kiss, Purple Haze, Utopia, Marrakech, Psychedelic, Wild Thing, Kalachakra, and Nirvana that comprise the line.

Rich Hippie's dedication to purity has made it popular with rock stars, celebrities, and royalty all over the world. Rich Hippie organic perfume is truly a unique and beautiful experience for today's chic, hip, and bohemian woman who has exclusive and discriminating taste and who wants to smell beautiful, alluring, and sensual. According to Nannette Pallrand: "By eliminating all the harmful chemicals that dominate most perfumes on the market today, a woman smells pure and beautiful which is truly the essence of being a woman when you think about it."

Rich Hippie is available at fine stores throughout the world or at www.rich-hippie.com.
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